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Little Christmas House

Running Dec 1st – Jan 6th, The Little Christmas House Project is a simple way to raise awareness and resources for the homeless children and families served through HOPE South Florida. The project is also a great way to rally a church, school or business around the cause of serving homeless children and families. Many participants take the project to their schools, employers, social clubs, and churches.

HOPE :: Get A House. HOPE begins you with. You can help raise awareness for the indivduals, children, and families that are experiencing homelessness. Sadly, this Christmas season dozens of families with children will literally be sleeping on the streets or in their cars. Hundreds more will be living on the brink – but YOU can help. Get your hands on these Little Christmas House coin banks for your school, church, business, community group or family and join us in this project.

HELP :: Fill It Up. We all have spare change laying around the house – why not turn that change into housing for homeless children and their families, or encourage the little people in your life to contribute their allowance during the holiday season to help kids just like them.

HOMES :: Drop It Off. Once you’ve filled your Little Christmas House, drop it back off at your participating organization, church, school or bank sponsor, American Natinoal Bank, anytime between Dec 1st – Jan 6th. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go directly into creating/sustaining the LiveHOPE housing projects of HOPE South Florida and those served through them. A neat addition this year is that the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale will be giving a “key to the city” as well as honoring them as “Mayor for the day” to the child/youth who returns the most boxes back to their participating church or school!

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