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Volunteers are at the very heart of HOPE South Florida.

As a volunteer, you are the very essence of HOPE South Florida and without you there would be no ministry at all. Without the hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of hours of service, we would only be able to provide the very basics of housing and support. It is with YOUR help that we move from just providing food and housing, to truly bringing restoration through loving community.

Every meal that HOPE South Florida works to coordinate is made possible because of hundreds of volunteers and dozens of churches. It is people like you, and the churches you represent, that give of your very time, talent, and treasure to make it possible for us to provide hope through food. Food for us is not the answer, it is not the end, it is only the beginning.

When we work with partner churches to host a shared meal, when we set the table and offer worship service, and when we graciously usher in the homeless and hurting to sit at Jesus’ table, it is then that community is begun.

To volunteer immediately, please consider joining us at one of our Shared Meals tonight!

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