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Hope South Florida

HOPE South Florida is the Front Door to Hope for the Homeless

There are currently over 200 homeless families on a waiting list for shelter in Broward County alone. Most of these families are single mothers with children. These families in crisis are our community’s modern day widows — every one of them in need of hope, housing, and restoration through loving community… Read More At



Homeless Memorial

Homeless who died in Broward in 2015 remembered at memorial service –
By Linda Trischitta

One by one, homemade ornaments were carried to the altar at the New Life United Methodist Church and hung on a Christmas tree. Paper doves and stars, with a name on each, represented 74 homeless men and women, ages 21 to 73, who died on Broward County streets or in shelters in the past year… Read More At Sun Sentinel



hopeKidHope for the Homeless is Here with HOPE South Florida –
By Elizabeth R. Eistien

How do you live, taste and teach hope? HOPE South Florida has an answer. By “providing hope for the homeless and hurting through services and partnerships with the Christian community,” this nonprofit organization has assisted the needy for over 20 years. Powered by volunteers and fundraisers, this organization is continually growing… Read More At Florida State Homes




The Gift of Presence
By Robin Martin

There was always a lead up to the fateful Christmas morning that gave small glimpses of how great the day would be. There were be small piles of gifts that grew every day, and I remember the excitement and palpable anticipation as we prepared for Santa’s arrival. When Santa came, he brought with him gifts that were unwrapped. These gifts were larger and more expensive, and meant to be immediately played with. … Read More At



Veteran photo-Slider

Celebrate Those Who Fight
By Robin Martin

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the el

eventh month in 1918, World War I, The Great War, ended with the signing of a temporary end of hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany. With the official laying down of arms, the war was over and peace was returned to civilization. Since .… Read More At



Encountering the Homeless
By Edwin Copeland

If you live in or around South Florida, interacting with a homeless person is almost unavoidable. Gas stations, grocery stores, street corners and medians — just to name a few — are all common places many of us encounter persons experiencing homelessness… Read More At



A People of Peace
By Edwin Copeland

In a recent exit survey, Asia, a 5-month pregnant mother with one child, had this to say about her time in HOPE South Florida’s crisis-housing program as she graduated into more permanent housing: “I would like to say a special thank you to the staff, volunteers and supporters of HOPE South Florida…! Read More At




The Other Side of Sunshine
By Robin Martin

When was the last time you met a South Florida native? Think about it. Every day I meet people from all across our community and rarely do I find someone who was born and raised here in the tri-county area. To call South Florida a transient population is an understatement… Read More At



Churches unite to help homeless

Hope South Florida musters some of Broward County’s largest congregations to provide ministry to the homeless

By James D. Davis

Eight Broward churches plan to launch a campaign on Sunday to find food, shelter and jobs for the county’s homeless. Called Hope South Florida, the campaign has a goal to raise $5 million in cash, goods and volunteer work for The Shepherd’s Way, a Wilton Manors-based organization that has sheltered families since 1995.

“It represents a wide variety of denominations,” Robin Martin, executive director of The Shepherd’s Way, said this week. “And this won’t be a one-time fundraiser. We want to change the way churches work together to care for the homeless.”

Read More At Sun Sentinel