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Stories of hope

The community’s story is our story – it’s your story – share it. Here in our blog, Stories of Hope we invite you to join the conversation of what it means to speak beauty into brokenness – to share in the stories of HOPE South Florida.


Darrin’s Story Of HOPE

After my wife left me and my nine-year-old twin boys, I was referred to HOPE South Florida’s Faith In Action program. Although I was employed, my hours varied greatly and my wife had taken all of my savings. Left with an empty bank account and unable to pay rent, my children and I were evicted. read more

Thank You! Just Thank You!

Dear Ms. Pat, Ronel and HOPE South Florida team,

Thank you so much for giving our family a safe place to live. It is people like you, kindhearted people that make me still have faith to go on.

You let me know that there are really people out there in this world that care for people like us, the less fortunate. read more

A New Start

I want to say Thanks to Hope South Florida/ Hope 4 Vets for making a difference. This organization and its staff is truly a blessing. They have made such a difference in my life and that of my six year old son. I was going through a very hard time and was truly losing hope. Mr. Elroy John listened to my story and immediately went into action/ help mode. They absolved the most stressful part of my issues and that freedom of mind allowed me to focus more clearly on other things that would help me regain my Independence. Hope 4 Vets have done a lot for me and is still doing. They brought back Hope and my belief in possibilities and for that I want to say THANKS. I never knew until recently that this organization existed, but am glad it does. read more

Chastity’s Story

My story starts while I am six months pregnant and being told that I can no longer work for the company that I had been working with for 2 ½ years, due to the possible endangerment to my unborn child. I was very disappointed and afraid not only because I was pregnant but because my boyfriend and I had just paid first, last and security on an apartment that we could barely afford. We decided to move in because the rental office said it was too late to take back the deposit due to the fact that they held the apartment for us for about a week. We were doing good paying our bills on time and were very happy that we had just brought a beautiful baby boy into the world. After 8 ½ months of maintaining our bills, my boyfriend lost his job due to the economy. read more

A Parent’s Story

My name is Schardesca, a single mother of three that had to leave the father of my children. I moved in with my mother in the Fort Lauderdale area and registered at Broward College with the intent to earn a B.A. degree in Business Management. I currently work part time at Sun Life Stadium at $8.50 an hour. I only receive $66.00 in child support every two weeks. read more

Snapshot Of A Family

When Venese (3 small children) moved into one of our apartments at The Shepherd’s Way Family Shelter, she came with a number of serious barriers for independence. One child had a serious medical condition. She held less than part-time employment, no High School Diploma and was without childcare. read more


Every Monday Night we have the opportunity to share in Praise and Worship with Coral Springs United Methodist Church and the Dining With Jesus ministry. Last night as Denny and I were leaving, there was a gentleman that was walking that had been there for the worship and meal. We asked him if he needed a ride somewhere, as it was raining. He shared with us that his bike had been stolen earlier that day with his sneakers. He was now in flip flops. He said he worked a part time up in Pompano and he could probably get $40 to get shoes. We took him there and then ended up at K-Mart, where no clue to him, the Lord placed on Denny’s heart to purchase the sneakers and backpack that he needed. We can’t do that for all but we can here and there. read more

Moved To Serve….

Good Morning Neighborhood Group!

After volunteering at the homeless shelter last Thursday, I felt a call to help more. Everyone does food/pantry drives at this time of year, so I decided to do a travel-size toiletry drive.

As I was saying my goodbyes to the homeless people leaving the shelter after they had their meal, I helped give away either a pair of socks or a razor to each person. I think I would take the razor, but can you imagine having to choose?! That really caught my attention. So why travel-size toiletries? Most seemed to choose razors over socks. Hygiene is so important. I saw the need, and I saw how these people wanted to take care of themselves the best they can, but they do not have the resources to. read more

Church In The Neighborhood

Last month, I participated in the “Serve. Everybody.” weekend. That’s when one of our partner churches mobilizes its entire congregation to serve the community through a variety of projects. The church building is closed Sunday morning as volunteers take the church into the neighborhoods. The idea is also to help promote serving year-round. I joined in one project to spread mulch in the playground at our God’s Little Lambs Daycare at Hope Central. read more

My Story

First of all I want to give thanks to God. I became homeless by losing my job due to the company I was working for not being able to get a certain type of insurance they needed for me to be employed with them. I was laid off and because of the economy I was unable to find any other employment. read more

My Accidental Story Of HOPE

My name is Noah, and a few weeks back I volunteered with a meal night for TasteHOPE Mobile, HOPE South Florida’s program of shared meals for homeless individuals. Being my first time I asked a lot of questions both of the guests and fellow volunteers. read more

Foreclosure To Hope

It’s been a few years but I haven’t forgotten anything. It was November 15, 2009 and we were told to leave our residence. Our belongings were put outside and we started to move our stuff into our friends foreclosed home.

We purchased a 10×16 tent and set up camp behind this foreclosed home next to the canal in Tamarac. We ran some cords, so we could have TV and charge our phones. We paid the overdue water bill in order for us to take a shower and use the toilet. We couldn’t stay in the house, due to the woman being mentally disturbed. read more

We Have Hope

My husband and I lost our home in 2006 when he lost his job and I was pregnant with our second child so we thought the best thing to do was to move to Africa, where my husband was from.

We lived in Africa for over two years and my husband was not able to find a job, no matter how hard he looked. It became time for the children to begin school and we did not have the money to put them in and we were having a hard time getting food and basic supplies. We had to choose if we were going to stay in Africa or if we should come back to the United States. read more