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Rapid re-Housing

102 units of housing :: 338 families and veterans annually

HOPE South Florida Rapid re-Housing programs encompass all of the long-term housing programs offered through HOPE South Florida. With a strong emphasis on families and veterans, HOPE provides creative housing solutions through restorative, rapid-re housing programs for those facing homeless in our community. All of these programs are supported by our Family Support Teams from local churches and strategic partnerships with landlords.

Rapid re-Housing provides long-term housing solutions with a strong emphasis on families and Veterans. In FY2018, HOPE South Florida housed 139 homeless families and Veterans in Broward County. Along with case management support, these Families are well on their way to achieving self-sufficiency.


The following are a list of Rapid re-Housing model programs that offer Restorative Housing for Families and Veterans:



“Rio House” is a partnership with Rio Vista Community Church and provides restorative, rapid re-housing for 4 families in their own apartments. Volunteers from Rio Vista’s “TeamHOPE” provide individualized, supportive care and restorative community for the families residing at this location.



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Our HOPE4Families program provides temporary rental assistance, support services and case management for upwards of 65 families in their own apartments, with case management and support.


HOME Program

Our HOME program provides transition- in-place rental subsidies for 8 homeless families with children residing in Hollywood, FL. Families in this program receive case management through our CDBG funded REACH program.




Our HOPE4Vets program provides transition- in-place rental subsidies, case management and support services for 25 returning Veteran families and/or individuals who have fallen into homelessness every year.

The HOPE4Vets program is a part of the strategic efforts to End Veteran Homelessness and partners with other local programs and organizations, such as Mission United.





Our Dave’s House program is a partnership with Henderson Mental Health Services and The Brain Foundation. Dave’s House provides permanent housing for formerly homeless men recovering from mental illness.