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Transforming a Community

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There are times in every person’s life when there is cause to doubt. Events, trials and even people begin to strip away the safety and comfort we long to have. While it is darkest just before the dawn, many worry that dawn may come too late. For the 100+ families that face homelessness on a daily basis, this is a valid concern.

But we say hold on to HOPE.

HOPE South Florida is the answer to many families in our community that have no where or one to turn to. Every day we are blessed to be a part of restoring hope for these families, to see the transformation that occurs in the lives of men, women and children as their night turns into day.

HOPE South Florida is the very answer to a long unswerving hold onto God’s call to serve the homeless and hurting in our city. From humble beginnings as The Shepherd’s Way, there have been many faithful people who held on to the hope that collectively we could make a difference.

Transforming a community begins in the HOPE brought by the many churches that have rallied together to address the growing issue of homelessness.

Transforming a community is seen in the HOPE for the thousands of men, woman and children who are homeless everyday in Broward County.

Together we are building HOPE, Housing and Community.

Join us. We’re just getting started.